Stopping Departing Immigrants Just To Deport Them… This Makes No Sense At All!

And some people say the Feds aren’t doing their job…!

As I follow blogs, forums, and news articles dedicated to immigration issues, I see a large number of people justifying states like Arizona and Alabama taking charge of immigration by saying “The Feds aren’t doing the job, so the states have to!”  Working as I do in the immigration industry, this claim seems preposterous to me.  After all, if the Feds weren’t doing their job, I would have nobody to help because nobody would need help!

And now the New York Times is reporting that Federal Customs & Border Protection (CBP) agents are actually stopping and detaining undocumented immigrants who are leaving the United States.  Some people may be saying they’re not doing their job… but I think this indicates that they may be doing it a little too well.  After all, if Americans want people without proper documentation to leave, then why make it so risky for them to do so?

CBP Agents claim they’re searching for contraband… but if that’s the case, they can check papers after they find the contraband – not before.  And why take biometrics of people who don’t have any contraband… when these biometrics records of prior entry without inspection will only make it harder for those people to immigrate legally in the future?  If we want people to come here legally and we want them to leave if they haven’t, this policy seems to be working against our own desires as a nation.

One possible solution for undocumented immigrants is to try to get documents.  Try exploring possibilities on websites like that explain ways to get documentation legally, be it through family or work, be it a visa or a green card.  Because if America is going to make it that hard to leave… then maybe you’ll just have to work harder to stay.



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6 responses to “Stopping Departing Immigrants Just To Deport Them… This Makes No Sense At All!

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  2. akulkis

    You obviously don’t understand much about deportation. For one thing, it puts the border-jumper’s name in a federal law-enforcement database, 2nd, a deportation lasts for a period of time (typically 3+ years) so that if they are ever picked up by law enforcement again, they appear on LEIN, and go IMMEDIATELY to federal lock up.

    Of course, you probably advocate the idea that once the bank robber starts heading for the door, nobody should attempt to stop him — after all, he’s leaving of his own accord — NEVER MIND THE FACT THAT HE’S ALREADY COMMITTED A CRIME and you can’t un-ring the bell.

    [the fact that he’s carrying money from the bank is inconsequential — it’s not like he’s stealing actual gold with intrinsic value — he’s just stealing paper notes, and the bank can get more paper notes in a matter of hours — theft of currency in and of itself doesn’t harm the financial status of a bank at all — which was one of the reasons paper currency was invented in the first place…. so yes, the analogy holds.

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  4. ImmigrationAmerica

    It’s more of a practicality thing. It’s true in any social situation: You have to ask yourself, “How can I get what I want?” If the US wants undocumented aliens to leave, then stopping them at the border is counterproductive because it will discourage people from leaving.

    Plus, as an American citizen, I don’t want the government to spend money deporting people unnecessarily. We’re already bumping our heads on the debt ceiling… I don’t need the US spending $6,000 to deport someone who was deporting themselves for free. (–deportation-costs-americans-6000-per-person- )

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